Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Smoky purple tutorial

I love creating looks like this and adding a bit of colour to a normal smoky eye, here's how I did it!

1: Use a black base for your shadow, I used the maybelline colour tattoo in Timeless Black. After, use a flat shader brush to dab on a matte purple over the whole lid (i left the outer corner just to show you the black base). To pack on even more colour try wetting your brush or applying some Fix+

2: Use your second shade to create a heavy contour in the crease. you can mix and match any colours but for this I used a bluey purple as my main colour (over the lid) and a brighter matte purple for the second shade (in the crease)

3: blend blend blend! smoke the second shade out as much as you are comfortable with. if you find this difficult try using a matte eyeshadow similar to the shade of your skin and blend that into the top of your crease to create a more smoked out effect

4: apply a highlighter to the inner corner and browbone. I used a white shimmery pencil but any highlighter shade will do the trick

5: using a small pencil or detailer brush, apply a matte black to the very outer corner. blend this out again as much as you are comfortable with, it doesn't have to look too traditionally smoky as youve already created a nice gradient with the second colourful shade, so apply a minimal amount of black if you're not used to darker eyeshadow looks.

6: mix a bit of matte black and a matte colour under your lower lashes, again using a small pencil or detailer brush. apply mascara, line your lower and bottom waterline with a black eyeliner, and youre good to go!

I would love to hear what you think,
Rach xo

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