Sunday, 27 April 2014

Blue gradient cat eye

Today I want to show you a colourful eyeliner look, hope you like it :) I decided to use blue but you can use any combination of colours and I think it would look great!

1 - Make a base for your colour using either a white eyeliner pencil or white shadow with a small tapered eyebrow brush or eyeliner brush

2 - I picked 4 shades to make my gradient ranging from the lightest blue to an electric blue on the wing, but 3 shades would also work well with a bit more blending. Frist apply your lightest shade in the inner corner and carefully apply each colour with an eyeliner or eyebrow brush in sections

3 - if you want to make it a bit darker, apply a matte black shadow on the very outer wing, but be careful not to completely cover the last electric blue shade. Blend well and if you want also apply a black liquid eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible

4 - finally, I applied a white eyeliner pencil to the waterline, and it's done! I also thought I would show you what this look is like on different colour eyes (yeah, I own a lot of contacts!) to show that bright colours aren't necessarily just for one eye colour :)

Rach xo

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